About H&Hotels and Our Objective

H&Hotels Group is an international hotel company with a long-standing tradition, operating on the tourist and travel market since 1992. It provides accommodation in four-star and three-star hotels not only in Prague, but elsewhere in the Czech Republic as well as abroad.

Unique horizontal CAB - still in sight.

The Check Availability Bar (the booking bar) is located in the upper part of the website where the main navigation menu can be usually found. While you are using the website the CAB is always there for you, which makes creating your reservation much easier.

Sectional scolling - easy movement on the page.

Section scrolling makes the use of the web page easier. The horizontal operation is much more intuitive, taking individual content blocks one at a time.

Pop-up banner - GIF animation for direct booking.

The pop-up banners are used to increase conversion with support of GIF animation that attracts attention while serving as a better navigation tool.

Special Offers - Fullscreen display of offers.

Each special offer is given a whole page in a full- screen display. Scrolling to sides enables the user to go from one offer to another.

Side scroll below the navigation - I'm still oriented.

A side navigation sub-menu with names of individual section blocks is displayed to make the scrolling navigation through the page easy.

Project summary

Implementing our profound experience of collaboration with H&Hotels Group, with the structure of their hotels, and with the requirements demanded for professional corporate websites, we have created a third generation of websites for the company.              

CMS and Administration

The whole website is based on the CMS zoom-driver editing system that provides simple navigation across the pages while enabling the user to edit any chosen part. There are many so-called blocks that cohesively compose individual pages and provide an arbitrary option to make any changes.

Ing. Ondřej Šimeček

General Manager H&Hotels Group

“We have maintained a long-standing and strong partnership with Virtual Zoom for many years. Together, we have created a third generation of websites for our hotels. From the very beginning, starting with the graphic design all the way to the end, which means launching our websites, we were absolutely satisfied with the professional and pro-active work executed by Virtual Zoom graphic designers and programmers. Gradually, we integrated innovative graphic ideas and our experience from the tourist and travel industry into the websites, thus creating unique websites of our company as well as individual hotels. However, our project is ongoing. As we are in charge of editing our system, we continue improving and innovating while integrating more and more new ideas into it.”